Assington Autos, one of the biggest ‘End of Life’ vehicle recycling centres in East Anglia, established in 2017 by Frederick Cook, become the 500th company to be presented with The Carbon Charter Award, from Suffolk County Council. 


The Carbon Charter was set up in 2010 by Suffolk County Council and the Environment Agency. Since then, it has given 738 Carbon Charter awards to 500 companies.

It is an accreditation for businesses who are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, by cutting their carbon emissions, supporting their local community and developing green spaces.

The panel from the Carbon Charter was particularly impressed that despite significant growth in the business, Assington Autos fuel usage has remained the same and has achieved an emissions reduction of 37% in the last two years.

Assington Autos were also praised for their biodiversity efforts on site and in the wider community, as well as activity in the local community, supporting NHS workers, the local fire service, food banks and other local community groups. Ultimately, Assington were awarded the Gold Level of the award, highlighting the commitment of the company to Net Zero by 2040.

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