Which companies are members?

A current list of BVSF members appears on this site - click on MEMBERS. All these companies have met the membership requirements, which include evidence of licences including ATF status, insurance cover, local authority registration, keeping of proper accounts, audit trail records, compliance with the Code of Practice etc. BVSF members are the leading salvage companies in the market because they comply with these requirements.

Want more details of Members?

Then click on their website URL where you will get a direct link with their website.

Would you like to join the BVSF?

If you are a vehicle salvage company and have been in business for over a year, you may apply to join the BVSF. There are substantial benefits which can be obtained for members - see details on the Home page.

For an Information Pack and Membership Application Form please send your request to:


The Secretary General 
British Vehicle Salvage Federation.
Chapel House
Canterbury Road
Brabourne Lees
TN25 6QS


Tel: 01303 814325

Mob:07976 395905

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.