BVSF Administration

The work of the BVSF is administered by a small secretarial team headed by an Honorary Chairman and a Secretary General who acts as the voice of the industry in discussions affecting its members and who represents their interests on matters which arise of concern to the industry.

It is also the role of Secretary General to enforce the terms of the Rules and Regulations applicable to its members. The operation of the BVSF is overseen by a Management Committee appointed by the members.

Percy Snow

Honorary Chairman

Percy Snow has recently been elected to the position of Honorary Chairman of the BVSF. Percy has worked tirelessly for the BVSF in recent years controlling, until late in 2013 the BVSF website in his “spare time” and is a regular attendee at external meetings for the Federation joining the Secretary General to ensure that the BVSF are well represented.

Percy is the owner of Snows Commercials which are situated close to Bristol, Avonmouth in the west country. they started breaking continental trucks in the mid 1970's when they were first starting to appear on UK roads.

They operate from their main Yard at Compton Greenfield close to the M5 Motorway, and have 2 other storage yards for salvage vehicles that they hold for various insurance agents pending clearance.

Graham West

Secretary General

Graham has been appointed as Secretary General of the BVSF and commenced working on 2nd January 2024. His appointment was confirmed by the Management Committee in the Autumn of 2023.

Entering the motor industry from a stint at University primarily dealing with Panel and Paint supplies to the trade in his early twenties, he then moved on to a large Mechanical/Body and Paint shop in a parts capacity. Moving onto a various supervisory roles whereby he dealt with incoming damaged vehicles and their refurbishment. Graham is also highly computer trained and has already improved the Federation by modernising outdated systems to ensure smoother running for the foreseeable future.



Graham welcomes interaction with his members and looks forward to many years as Secretary General.

AGM & Seminar

Heather West

Accounts Manager

Heather has been appointed Accounts Manager of the BVSF and commenced her employment on Tuesday May 4th 2010. She will be based at the BVSF office on a part time basis and will be solely dealing with the administration of the accounts. Heathers background is Inland Revenue, Metropolitan Police Training and Teaching.