Transporter Engineering
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Gosfield Bus. Park
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Miscellaneous Information:

Transporter Engineering was formed in August 1992 by a nucleus of former Hoynor Specialised Trailer employees, with the intent of being a spare parts and servicing centre for Hoynor products.

Events quickly moved on from this modest beginning, sparked primarily by the Company’s successful development of the Hoynor Mk7. This project culminated in the development of fully re-manufactured 16.5M trailers able to transport, as a minimum load, nine medium sized cars.

In 1995 Transporter Engineering Ltd purchased the design and manufacturing title of the Hoynor range of products. This, together with our own designer’s ongoing efforts, allowed us to offer a greatly expanded range of modern vehicle transporters.

In 1996 our Plus9 Semi-Trailer was proudly awarded the title of Commercial Motor Trailer of the year. Further to this success the Company gained two further awards by winning the Special Purpose Category at the Trailer of the Year awards 1998, for the Plus 9 Super Semi-Trailer and again in 1999 for the Plus 12–Sl 13 car Rigid & Drawbar Combination.

The Company was taken over by Hunwick Engineering in July 2010 but in April 2017, for its 25th Anniversary, the Company changed its name back to Transporter Engineering Ltd.

We currently meet a high demand for our popular trailers, drawbar trailers and rigid designs, whilst offering a full range of vehicle transporters, carrying from 2 to 12 cars, to meet the needs of all customers. Design and development of new products is ongoing in keeping up to date with the launch of new cars and commercial type vehicles into the marketplace, as well as producing variations to our designs to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our latest ranges of Car Transporters are manufactured under the EVO, Odyssey, Voyager, Urban Rigid and Juno ranges and have our latest tried and tested options on them, these options are extensive taking into account new and used vehicle movements, Salvage and ELV vehicles also. With variants of our Urban Rigid, Voyager and Juno range specifically developed for Salvage and ELV functions.