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Hollander International Systems Ltd part of the Solera family of companies delivers comprehensive Auto Recycling and Yard Management solutions to vehicle dismantlers across the world. 

Today’s yards face significant challenges—meeting customer demand, competitive pressure, and the economy make it difficult to provide excellent customer service, optimally utilize resources, and grow profitability.

Pinnacle Professional is a comprehensive stock inventory system developed specifically for automotive recyclers. Suitable for single or multiple sites, practical for ALL yards regardless of size or turnover. Our system is designed to support and drive your business growth.


Pinnacle Professional delivers support in key areas of your dismantling operation including:


• Effective Yard Management thanks to critical business intelligence 

• Increase Efficiency – Know what to break and when including data insight to your stock. 

• Increase your auto part sales – Improve your part visibility to buyers online or as part of PinnacleNet. 

• Work Order Manager – Stay on top of all your part sales no matter their origin. 

• Inter Trading – PinnacleNet allows you to say yes to more customers. 

• Dedicated Reporting – Understand every aspect of your dismantling process and get reporting that helps you with critical decision making. 

• Stock Inventory apps for quick and accurate stocking of car parts 

• Interchange – Understand what a part is and its compatability to the market. 

• Web Solutions – Get your parts online with dedicated ecommerce store solutions on your website. 


Pinnacle Professional is an incredibly powerful and insightful yard management system for any auto recycler. It is built for yards big and small and is updated regularly to meet the demands and challenges of our industry. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible and tailored packages to get you stocking parts and selling more.