Air Conditioning Refrigerant Gas Reclamation for BVSF Members

To help BVSF members comply with F-Gas regulations, Hazardous Waste regulations and others, A-Gas has developed the most simple and straightforward refrigerant reclamation and recycling facility in the UK today—The A-Gas One Stop Shop

Complete Refrigeration life cycle stewardshipF Gas reclamation cylinders

This enables members to hand over responsibility for waste management to A-Gas. The used refrigerant is safely returned to the A-Gas reclamation faculty which is fully licensed by the Environment Agency. The used refrigerant can then be processed using A-Gas’ own technology, resulting in a very high percentage of returned refrigerants being recycled

Recovery cylinders:

Used for the return of refrigerant that the customer no longer requires
• Yellow valve guard (see photo)
• Evacuated prior to despatch
• Dual port valves to enable push-pull recovery of gas
• Available in 10kg, 45kg and 720kg max fill weights, suitable for all HCFC & HFC refrigerants other than high pressure R23 / R508A&B and Hydrocarbon

Removal of used refrigerants

A-Gas has twenty-five thousand dedicated reclaim cylinders, one of the largest fleets in the country, enabling all customers to return used refrigerants. Call now to discuss the opportunities available for refrigerant buyback:
[+44] (0) 1275 376600