Jersey Road
Winch Wen
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Miscellaneous Information:
Established in 1975 on the outskirts of Swansea the company soon expanded and relocated into the city centre with two branches the first in Landore and the second on the Swansea Enterprise Zone at Winchwen. Over the next decade the landore site was developed with the addition of three other premises all being incorporated and run as one outlet. It was about this time that the company realised that it had a commitment to the local area and it's environment and undertook a substantial plan to concrete all of it' six acres of storage land and incorporate a sealed drainage system with a chain of interceptor tanks which would store any waste oils and fluids exposed in the dismantling process of waste motor vehicle. The company succeeded in this challenge and now all it's sites are fully protected furthermore with the introduction new Motor Salvage Operator's license along with the current legislation regarding the disposals of E.L.V's End Of Life vehicles Pic-Up Spares are in an ideal situation with the completion of a purpose built end of life station at it's Winchwen site. This station will be hold the latest specialist drainage equipment available today for the safe removal and storage of hazardous chemicals and fluids found in the construction of modern motor vehicles. The company has registered both its sites as individual Authorised treatment facilities along with the brand new parts department currently being opened at Landore with a fully computerised stock system linking all vehicles and their parts at a touch of a button. As a requirement of the regulations our company can issue Certificates Of Destruction to the last keeper of the vehicle and then notify the D.V.L.A via the internet through a dedicated website. This procedure is the only official way of disposing of a motor vehicle at the end of its life.