The Federation have been asked to investigate the potential for a recovery driver catching the Coronavirus (Covid-19) from a vehicle that he or she is collecting from a person identified as carrying the illness. 

It must be made very clear that BVSF staff are NOT experienced or medically trained so are relying on information found and received when investigating this potential and cannot be held responsible for any expert errors in this regard.

The new Coronavirus is, as we know, a respiratory illness, which means it typically spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes, droplets carrying viral particles can land on someone else's nose or mouth or get inhaled.

But, a person can also catch the new coronavirus if they touch a surface or object that has viral particles on it and then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The lifespan of the virus on a surface — a door handle,  a stair banister, or even money — depends on many factors, including the surrounding temperature, humidity, and type of surface.

Although we are initially advised the likely lifespan is only hours to perhaps a day, the variables can make the life expectancy, potentially a lot longer.

How long the coronavirus survives on surfaces

A study recently published in the Journal of Hospital Infection looked at the lifespans of other coronaviruses found in humans on various surfaces. The SARS coronavirus for example, at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, lasted for two days on steel, four days on wood and glass, and five days on metal, plastic, and ceramics. (The researchers also found that one strain of SARS lasted up to nine days on a plastic surface at room temperature.)

It is suggested that these timescales are likely to apply to the new coronavirus, since smooth, nonporous surfaces like doorknobs and tabletops are better at carrying viruses in general. Porous surfaces — like money, hair, and fabric — don't allow viruses to survive as long because the small spaces or holes in them can trap the microbe and prevent its transfer.

Your smartphone, with all its glass and aluminum, can also carry viral particles.

On the basis of the above it would appear that a vehicle could conceivably pose a danger to a recovery staff member for a week, perhaps even a little longer after having an infected person within it sneezing/coughing etc etc.

As members of the Federation it is up to you how you deal with this potential timescale as of course you will not be sure when the last time a carrier of the illness will have been in the car potentially leaving the virus in there.

The surrounding temperature makes a big difference

The recent study also found that spikes in temperature made a difference in the lifespans of coronaviruses. An 10-degree Centigrade jump, from 20 degrees to 30 degrees, decreased how long SARS lasted on steel surfaces by at least 50%.

That's because some coronaviruses, including this new one, have a fat layer that protects viral particles when traveling from person to person in the air. That sheath can dry out, however, killing the virus. So higher humidity, moderate temperatures, low wind, and a solid surface are all good for a coronavirus' survival which of course could be a problem for members when getting into a car owned or used by a Coronavirus sufferer.

This also explains why respiratory viruses are typically seasonal as cooler temperatures help harden the protective gel-like coating that surrounds the particles.

How to disinfect surfaces

The authors of the recent study noted that human coronaviruses could be "efficiently inactivated" on surfaces within one minute if they're cleaned with solutions containing 62% to 71% ethanol alcohol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.

It is possible that these surface disinfectants could even work within 15 seconds according to experts but to get the kill rates advertised on the packaging, though, that usually involves waiting for several minutes — between five minutes and six minutes." BUT, how much of a car do you clean !!!

Stop touching your face, and wash your hands

The importance of washing your hands and not touching your face must be strongly emphasized— those are the best ways to minimize your chance of picking up the coronavirus from surfaces.

However, the “experts” advise that you cannot become infected through your hands alone so if you never touch your eyes, nose or mouth you will be far safer….how many of us can manage that though !

.BVSF…using widely available external information.


Welcome to the website of the British Vehicle Salvage Federation which is the representative body of the vehicle salvage industry in the United Kingdom.The members of the BVSF meet all statutory requirements and work to high standards laid down by the Federation which include adherence to the market wide vehicle salvage Code of Practice. The BVSF is recognised by all relevant Government departments and agencies, the Police, Insurers and other industry representative bodies with whom it has close links. 

SYNETIQ achieves Carbon Literacy Accreditation

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, has achieved a bronze accreditation from the Carbon Literacy Project. As the first company in the sector to have achieved the award, the Bronze accreditation further underlines SYNETIQ’s commitment to furthering sustainability. 

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SYNETIQ marks World Environment Day by unveiling latest EV delivery van

SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle dismantling company is marking World Environment Day with the launch of its new all electric green parts delivery van and the installation of EV charging points at its Doncaster site.

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Copart awarded CCA Global Standard Year 2 Accreditation

Global leader in online vehicle remarketing and recycling, Copart UK, has been awarded the prestigious CCA Global Standard Accreditation by the Customer Contact Association, for a second year.....

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Copart expanding their Sandy Operation Centre in Bedfordshire

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KTG Caravans Celebrate 10 years

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New EV-dismantling facilty helps SYNETIQ to enhance sustainable motoring solutions

A multimillion-pound investment by SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and recycling company, will ready its Winsford site into the UK’s first facility with dedicated EV and Hybrid dismantling capability.

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Network Training Partnership & PATAM Group Ltd

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IMI L3 Roadside & Recovery Technician

The Youth Assured Employment Programme (The YAEP for the Motor Industry)


Copart increasing Capabilities in Scotland

In yet another strand of their ongoing growth programme, global leader in online vehicle remarketing, Copart UK, are set to double their operational capabilities in Scotland with the announcement of a new Operation Centre near Glasgow.

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Tyre Recovery Association Pyrolysis Group Holds First Meeting






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Copart announces expansion to their Bristol Operation Centre to create a 'Super Centre'

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Ban on Petrol & Diesel Cars?

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Tyre Recovery Association Limited

Waste Tyre Collection – 

FOI response reveals true scale of operator non-compliance


A Freedom of Information request* has starkly exposed levels of non-compliance by many operators claiming ‘T8 exemptions’ for their businesses.

In 2019 inspections of almost sixty sites carried out by the Environment Agency across England revealed more than one third to be legally non-compliant.  Further action in the EA, conducted in the first 8 months of 2020, showed the situation to have further worsened with almost 50% of sites visited failing to meet legal requirements.

‘This confirms all our worst fears,’ said Peter Taylor, TRA Secretary General, ‘T8 exemptions were intended to offer a ‘light’ touch regulating regime under which small businesses could operate but instead it has been very widely abused as we have long argued.  In very many cases this approach allowed irresponsible players to flout the Law yet enjoy levels of overhead and compliance well below those of fully permitted businesses.  We are pleased that government now intends to end this gateway to poor practice.’

The Tyre Recovery Association urges all those disposing of end-of-life tyres and especially vehicle dismantlers and tyre retailers to carefully scrutinise the compliance status of those to whom they pass on their waste, their own legal Duty of Care demands it.  Our industry’s own Responsible Recycler Scheme provides just that assurance of best practice.  RRS members are audited and re-certificated annually and endeavour always to maintain high standards of service and compliance.

Copart UK to open North East Contact Centre

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Keeping business CSR on the agenda amidst Covid-19

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Copart invests in engineers of the future...

90% of their 76 strong engineering force are now fully qualified or working towards AQP standard, ATA VDA or IMI NVG VDA 3/4 qualifications. 

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SYNETIQ and AGL partner up to drive green parts supply

Activate Group Ltd (AGL) is partnering with leading provider of vehicle salvage services, SYNETIQ Ltd, to build an even stronger supply chain and increase their combined ability to support key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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NFU Mutual Extends Contract with Synetiq for 2 years.


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Synetiq uses 'The Cloud' to protect itself and Clients

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TRA (Tyre Recovery Association Limited) Association warns Local Authorities of likely spike in illegal tyre disposal

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Synetiq, working hard to keep the Police and other key services moving


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CCRS Offers some advice on Coronavirus

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Covid-19 Advice

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SYNETIQ announce as the lead sponsor of TAS Racing, BMW Motorrad UK’s official British Superbike Team

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Coronavirus & Vehicle Collection

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Copart Press Release - Specialist Teams ready to tackle Coronavirus Business Disruption


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 West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service practice emergency training with SYNETIQ

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It is with deep regret that I must advise that the Federations AGM/Convention on the 23rd April has been postponed until October 29th.  

The reason behind this difficult decision is of course the Coronavirus. Over the last few days the statistics have shown a considerable rise in cases and of course these numbers are the ones we know about so the potential for the actual figures to be higher is great.

The original date fell immediately after the Easter break when many thousands of people go on holiday for the first time in the year and in the current conditions the risk of more cases being brought back into our country was just to great to ignore. 

It would only have taken one person and not necessarily from within the BVSF to be a carrier at the Hotel and the potential for business interruption let alone illness (or worse) due to enforced quarantine was considerable. 

I will be trying to retain the same speakers for the new date and will advise in due course.  

The Hotel have confirmed that all bookings for April 23rd can be transferred to October 29th if this is acceptable to those that have booked. 

I must apologise for the disappointment but the health and safety of the Federation Members, their Strategic Partners, guests and speakers must come first. 

Neither the Management Committee nor I could ever forgive ourselves if we caused  illness or financial problem within a company when effectively we could have avoided it.  

RP West

Secretary General


01303 814325


Copart Recover Record Number of Vehicles in 1 Day Following UK Floods


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Copart release app to speed up the total loss process for insurers. 

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Synetiq choose Gala Technology as Security Partner

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