Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] welcomes Greg Rose to its Senior Management Team as Continuous Improvement Manager, a newly created role within the business.  Greg, a qualified mechanical engineer, brings over two decades’ exacting experience of providing engineering services to the motorsport industry, including running motorsport teams for vehicle manufacturers and private investors, with responsibility for preparing and maintaining race cars to deliver track performance.  His appointment at Silverlake will see him develop, refine and streamline processes across the business ensuring maximum return on every salvage vehicle, either through re-marketing and auction or via dismantling and the provision of reclaimed parts.


Since joining on September 1st 2022, Greg is already driving efficiencies through process change and creating new commercial opportunities.  A new workshop is being set up specifically for the management of high value vehicles, alongside the electric vehicle processing bays, and their associated damage assessment processes.  Segregating these vehicles protects the asset and expedites the route to realising maximum value; it also provides opportunities to rotate and upgrade the skill sets of our current and new vehicle technicians, keeping them up to date with the latest vehicle technology.  Under his direction, the company is also improving its motorcycle facility to reflect the increasing demand for reclaimed motorcycle parts.  A new, bespoke crane and pulley system to lift crash damaged motorcycles onto ramps for inspection, designed by Greg himself, is being installed and the new motorcycle facility is expected to open in November.    


Allen Prebble, Managing Director at Silverlake explains: “The salvage and recycling market continues to evolve rapidly.  We have more vehicles than ever coming through the business and an ever-increasing demand for our reclaimed parts.  Silverlake has ambitious growth plans and Greg’s experience will help us to ensure the business scales efficiently and sustainably through process improvement which incorporates our service values.  We service the motorsport industry with our reclaimed parts and we participate with three race teams in the Silverlake C1 Racing Series.  The best race teams run like clockwork and Greg is renowned for running some of the best race teams; we are proud and delighted that he has joined our Senior Management Team.” 


Greg Rose, Continuous Improvement Manager at Silverlake said: “My racing background taught me that you have to find an advantage somewhere, and there’s always somewhere to find it.  In my first six weeks at Silverlake, I was fortunate to attend the Automotive Recycling Association (ARA) Conference in the US and more recently the VRA Conference in the UK, both of which were great springboards into the industry; meeting others, gaining insights and informing my thinking.   In applying and tailoring my existing knowledge and expertise around efficiencies and lean process management, and alongside my colleagues in the Senior Management Team, I plan to influence so many advantage opportunities for Silverlake and deliver commercial and service value against each of them.  Joining the company at such an exciting time in its continuing development is inspiring, especially as I have joined the industry at a poignant and progressive time in its history.”