e2e joins the MGAA to provide salvage and automotive recycling services to members

 e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e], the UK’s nationwide salvage and automotive recycling network, has joined the Managing General Agents’ Association [MGAA] as a supplier member.  The partnership means that, for the first time, members of the MGAA have access to salvage and automotive recycling facilities from within the association.    

e2e’s end-to-end services enable MGAs to efficiently and cost effectively manage their total loss claims.  When seeking capacity, they can strengthen their position with a total loss claims strategy that delivers reduced claims life cycle and associated costs, mitigates reputation risk with the certified destruction of CAT A and B vehicles and provides strong, fast returns on salvage; all achieved whilst ensuring a positive policyholder experience. 

e2e dominates the market providing MGA clients access to over 5million, quality graded, warranty assured reclaimed parts. MGA clients benefit from the opportunity to cut motor claims repair costs and speed up claim resolution, all whilst promoting improved sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.  A partnership with e2e can add real value to the customer proposition and experience.  The use of reclaimed parts in motor repairs can make the difference to a car being determined an economic write off and enable the MGA to offer their customer choice, reduce total loss claims volumes and improve customer retention.   

Mia Constable, Head of Business Development at e2e said: “Drawing on the experience of our Chairman, Martyn Holman, we identified that there was an opportunity to support MGAs in opening up new revenue streams, reducing motor claims costs, improving customer experience and reinforcing their ESG strategies with opportunity for increased carbon reduction.  We are thrilled to have joined the MGAA and to celebrate we are pleased to be offering members an introductory discount on our services.  We are looking forward to gaining an even greater understanding of the needs of the market and tailoring our flexible solutions for individual members.”

Mike Keating, CEO of the MGAA said: “I’m delighted to welcome e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management to the MGAA.  Their expertise and services will be extremely valuable to our growing MGA membership and we look forward to working with them.  I’m particularly interested to see how MGAs through their current claims model, can take full advantage of the many benefits available through reclaimed parts and the positive impact they can have on sustainability goals for the market as a whole.”


May 2022


Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] is pleased to be the ‘go to’ supplier of quality graded, recycled green parts for the UK motorsports market.  The company’s partnership with the C1 Racing Club and Club Racing UK has seen its message, on just how much race teams can save by ‘going green’, permeating the market and demand for its service growing. 


Silverlake saw the opportunity for motorsports teams to greatly reduce their repair and maintenance costs whilst ensuring vehicle safety, through the use of recycled green parts.  The company set out to educate the motorsport community on the benefits and to build confidence in recycled green parts.  Race teams can save up to 70% of RRP with Silverlake’s recycled green parts, which come quality graded and with full provenance details.  They also avoid the delays now common when trying to source new parts and the motorsports community can be proud of reducing its carbon footprint with the environmentally friendly approach. 


Allen Prebble, managing director at Silverlake said: “We are proud to be supporting the UK motorsport market in this targeted way.  Running two race teams ourselves in the annual C1 Racing Series, for which we are headline sponsor, we know first-hand the savings to be made in money and time.  We were taking recycled green parts to the race meetings to repair our own vehicles trackside and the interest from other race teams saw us begin to carry extra stocks to meet their needs. Our experience indicated the gap in the market and after further research, a recycled green parts proposition for UK Motorsports, delivering the product direct to their door, was a natural next step for us as a business.  The fact that racing teams, travelling around tracks at high speeds, trust the product also helps to reinforce consumer confidence.”


Silverlake dismantles end-of-life vehicles at its Authorised Treatment Facility in Southampton which is compliant with Environment Agency regulation.  It images, grades, catalogues and stores recycled green parts in line with the UK Standard, for which it is audited and certified by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association.  Customers can buy parts online, by phone or in person and the company’s fleet of dedicated delivery vans can deliver nationwide.  

Club Racing UK is a central hub for all UK based club racing.  A thriving community, it provides club racers of all levels a platform to share information and advice.  Club Racing UK described how its partnership with Silverlake supports its ethos to help fellow racers save money wherever possible: “It's no secret that motorsport is expensive so it makes total sense to partner with Silverlake to help supply recycled green parts to as many teams and drivers around the UK and to drive the increasing upkeep costs down.  Having seen how meticulous Silverlake is and the quality of its customer service, we have absolute confidence in the products the company supplies.”


Robin Welsh from the C1 Racing Club explained: “We are delighted to be able to offer our members the added value of access to discounted, recycled C1 parts through our partnership with Silverlake.  We know the parts are quality graded and meet the UK Standard and we know our members have confidence in the Silverlake service and are happily benefitting from the savings and convenience of track side spares and door-to-door deliveries.  It’s a win – win all round.”



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Global leader in online vehicle remarketing and recycling, Copart UK, has secured final planning permission for a 31-acre site in East Kilbride which will double their operational capabilities in Scotland.  

Originally announced last year, works can now commence for the new Operation Centre near Glasgow, which will support Copart’s continued growth in Scotland alongside their existing Operation Centre in Whitburn and Recycling Centre in Inverkeithing. 


Copart anticipates the Operation Centre in East Kilbride, which will bring many new job opportunities to the local area, will be fully operational in 2023.


This expansion in Scotland is part of Copart’s ambitious growth and investment programme to meet continued demand from their customers, including most of the UK’s major insurance companies and thousands of nationwide automotive customers.

The company’s extensive reinvestment strategy combines a programme of land acquisition with continuous improvement at existing sites and reinvestment in transport, services, and technology. 

East Kilbride is a strategic location close to Glasgow with good transport links, which gives Copart and its customers a significant northern hub.

The provision of further storage capacity and scale will also increase the geographical reach of their fast and efficient surge management services, in response to an increasing number of extreme weather events in Scotland. 

As part of Copart’s ongoing sustainability refurbishment programme, facilities at the new site will be constructed responsibly and designed to be inclusive, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Today’s news follows a series of similar growth announcements from Copart over the past year, including a major new customer service centre in Bedford, the quadrupling in size of their Bristol Operation Centre, and a new 68-acre UK ‘Super Centre’ in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. 

Phil Briggs, Copart UK’s Director of Operation Centres, Transport & Engineering, said:

“We’re passionate about continuously growing and improving our services to customers, so we’re very excited to secure final planning permission for our new Operation Centre in East Kilbride, which will provide annual storage capacity for over 49,000 vehicles.

“Alongside our existing 30-acre site in Whitburn, it offers the potential for Copart to handle around 100,000 cars per year across Scotland, doubling our operational capabilities in this part of the UK. With extreme weather events increasing in Scotland, the provision of latent storage capacity is more important than ever.”

Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland, added:

“We’re delighted to extend our investment programme into Scotland, further strengthening our unrivalled operational capabilities in this part of the UK in line with the continued growth of the UK car parc and the ever-changing needs of our customers.


“Because of the strategic and unrivalled positioning of our sites across the UK, we are proud to say that we are never far from communities, and therefore our customers. This means we can collect and handle vehicles quickly, efficiently, and with minimal environmental impact, supporting our ongoing Plan-Net-Zero sustainability commitment.”




May 2022


Mia Constable of e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management considers how the vehicle recycling network could bring some relief to a beleaguered vehicle repair sector.


Turbocharged economic chaos is whipping up the “perfect storm” for vehicle accident repairers who are so important a component in the motor claims supply chain.  The UK economy was beginning to emerge from its Covid driven decline, but post commencement of the Ukraine war the forecasted recovery is stuttering according to the World Bank.  The so called “cost of living crisis” is hitting repairers as hard as any household.  Compounding the situation, the industry is being hobbled by skills shortages, rising energy and property costs, finance costs, frictional relationships and lengthening key-to-key times caused by parts shortages and delays; all of which lead to daily cash flow firefighting.  We are in danger of losing many fantastic repair businesses, which as relatively small independent businesses, simply don’t have the resources to weather the storm.


e2e has over 35 years’ experience in recycling end of life vehicles.  Its network members have invested millions of pounds in state of the art “deconstruction” plants that reclaim, catalogue and store thousands of reusable items from vehicles.  They are like vehicle factories placed into reverse.  Their 50+ Authorised Treatment Facilities nationwide are Environment Agency compliant and their reclaimed vehicle parts are quality graded, warranty assured and meet the UK Standard via member audit and accreditation from the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association. 


LinkedIn, the ABP Website and other forums are replete with comments from repairers saying that they are having severe problems sourcing parts for their work in progress.  This means that partially complete repairs sit for what can be weeks awaiting the all-important delivery.  Workshops aren’t storage sheds.  They work on tight margins and need to be able to pull the vehicles through the workshop quickly to keep vital cash flowing into the business.  When log jams appear, so does the associated failure demand.  Everything takes longer, more customers call in more often, insurer claims departments seek more updates, vehicles are moved around more, mistakes multiply, rework escalates and costs and stress proliferate.


As a business e2e is anxious to talk to repairers about how we can help.  I have been speaking with prominent members of the repair market in order to hopefully co-create ideas that could lead to new ways of doing things.


One avenue of help has been discussed many times before.  It’s a well-rehearsed fact that reclaimed OEM parts offer savings of up to 75% on retail prices and if applied to borderline total loss vehicles can keep the repair in the workshop rather than see it written off and the job taken away.  Perhaps a double-edged sword at present?

At e2e we also think our network  can help workshops free log jams in work in progress by quickly sourcing that missing OE part that is holding up a job.  Our members offer online ordering and run efficient back order lines that can be used  to source that vital missing part or set of parts from our national connected network of recycling sites.  Remember the reclaimed part is a reused OE part that has been skilfully and carefully removed from a donor vehicle by qualified technicians and boxed up ready to be shipped to anywhere in the UK overnight.  Parts are graded for quality and provenance is transparent.


The pandemic saw many insurers and their salvage and automotive recycling suppliers develop closer, strategic relationships which can be leveraged to assist through the continued economic uncertainty.  A strategic partnership based on mutual benefit, shared knowledge and value creation arms both parties with the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing market needs.  However, we are keen to extend this new era of partnership into the accident repair sector as well.  Especially whilst we are all in the eye of the storm.


There have been many articles extolling the virtues of reclaimed parts published over the years.  Yes, reclaimed parts are great for the planet and yes, they are a reliable source of OE quality parts at reduced cost, but as a battling repairer these are all nice to have things.  Your concentration is on cash flow and your business survival strategy in these most challenging of times.  e2e wants to be part of that strategy and believes it can efficiently and effectively bring relief to you in the area of motor vehicle parts procurement. Call us.



20 April 2022  


Salvage Industry first – e2e achieves certification to the BSI Customer Service Kitemark™


e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e], is proud to be the first and only organisation in the salvage and automotive recycling industry to achieve the BSI Customer Service  Kitemark™.  The process to achieve certification took place over a seven month period, which concluded with a three day audit and incorporated all aspects of customer service including strategy, culture, resources, people, technology, customer feedback and complaints handling.


The UK’s only nationwide salvage and automotive recycling network, e2e is dedicated to raising industry standards and places customer service at the very heart of its proposition for clients.  The company is committed to and audited against customer service standards and performance SLAs, ensuring a consistently exceptional customer experience.  In a client survey undertaken in December 2021, when asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the service received from e2e, 100% of respondents stated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service.  In the same survey 100% of clients reported that they found e2e to be very or extremely responsive when dealing with queries and requests for information. 


Jim Loughran, CEO at e2e said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be the first in the salvage industry to achieve the BSI Customer Service Kitemark™ We believe our focus on customer service is what sets us apart from our competition.  Our network recovers 500,000+ vehicles per annum and customer service excellence is evidenced by a justified complaints ratio of <0.1%.  We know that we represent our insurer clients’ brands when dealing with their policyholders and that their reputation is in our hands.  We take that responsibility very seriously and as a network we are committed to customer care and removing friction from the total loss claims experience.  We regularly seek customer feedback at an insurer and policyholder level, using it to benchmark our performance and achieve continual improvement.”


Natasha Bambridge, Global Consumer Promise Practice Director at BSI said: “Congratulations to e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management for demonstrating that it is an organisation that puts customers first - the team should be very proud.  Externally, achieving certification to the Kitemark™ will prove the organisation’s commitment to service excellence and internally it will help to embed a customer first culture. We look forward to working with e2e again in the future so that the organisation can continually improve on the service it provides to its customers.”




e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e] is the UK’s only network of progressive automotive salvage and recycling agents, delivering market leading services to the insurance industry, via 50 nationwide, environmentally compliant sites.  The network recovers 500,000+ vehicles per annum, and a focus on customer service is evidenced by a justified complaints ratio of <0.1%.  The company is working closely with network members and industry bodies on initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and design best practice in the recycling of electric vehicles.


e2e clients benefit from:

·         stronger salvage resale values and faster sales;

·         reduced claims leakage and operational costs;

·         access to 5M+ quality graded, warranty assured reclaimed parts;

·         unique data insights;

·         reputation risk mitigation with certified destruction of CAT A and B vehicles;

·         business interruption risk mitigation due to the service continuity afforded by a network;

·         the opportunity to access 5million+ warranty assured reclaimed parts, delivered within 24 hours;

·         emergency recovery assistance for both total loss and repairable vehicles, provided within 90 mins;

·         engineering services;

·         negotiated reductions in historic recovery and storage charges;

·         vehicle document and key management;

·         management of policyholder personal belongings and cherished plates;

·         management of infotainment systems for GDPR compliance;

·         flexibility to shape a service specific to their business requirements.