Jason Cross, founder of FAB Recycling Ltd and former director of Synetiq, joins the board of e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e], the UK’s only nationwide network of automotive recyclers, as a Non-Executive Director. 

Jason brings three decades of industry experience to the e2e Executive Board and a history of many industry firsts.  His company, FAB Recycling Ltd, was ahead of the curve as the first ever carbon neutral vehicle dismantler in 2010.  FAB also designed and implemented the first reclaimed parts grading system and the first reclaimed parts procurement platform in the UK.  His role at e2e will see Jason advising the Board on network strategy with a particular focus, unsurprisingly, on ESG and reclaimed parts. 

Jim Loughran, CEO at e2e said: “Following his exit from Synetiq, Jason’s non-compete restrictions have prevented him from working in the industry for the last eighteen months.  We are proud and delighted that he has chosen to join the e2e network as soon as permissible. Jason is known and respected by our members, who value his opinion and insight highly.  The timing for the network is perfect, as we prepare to launch our national reclaimed parts solution and as our members embrace our network wide ESG strategy.  We look forward to drawing on Jason’s expertise and strategic input as we build competitive advantage with these initiatives, demonstrating the benefits that are unique to our collective, network approach to servicing clients.”


Commenting on his appointment, Jason said: “I’m delighted to be joining e2e at a time when the network is ready to disrupt the reclaimed parts supply chain with what I believe will be a ground breaking proposition; and secondly, as the members unite behind a network wide ESG programme which has the combined potential to drive industry standards. Both initiatives pave the way for business growth.

“At this time of market uncertainty, due to consolidation and pace of change, e2e’s members represent regional centres of excellence with a powerful, combined national footprint and in-depth local knowledge. They are uniquely placed to continue to take advantage of working collectively to offer service certainty and a first-class solution to the network’s clients.   Sharing knowledge, resources and collaborating is critical to seizing the market opportunities that lay ahead and I believe the key to huge upside potential for e2e’s network.

“The next two years are going to see our industry facing further immense change. Salvage contracts will be won, and unfortunately lost, in many cases based on the reclaimed parts capability and approach to ESG of the companies involved.   These are my areas of expertise after many years in the industry.  I plan to use my knowledge, experience and strategic approach to full advantage as a new NED with e2e.”   


Today we announce the first annual Global Car Recycling Day, to be held on June 20th.

With over 1.4 billion cars on roads globally, it's essential that the public makes, and has the option to make, an environmentally responsible choice when their vehicle gets to the end of its life.

Domestic recycling is thankfully second nature in most economically developed nations, but cars are complicated and potentially environmentally dangerous items – even more so with the advent of electric vehicles. Many people are still unaware that every car can be effectively recycled, which is why we believe there is an urgent need for Global Car Recycling Day.

This new, vital awareness day is driven by international car recycling experts CarTakeBack. The company's Business Development Manager, Alison Price, had this to say:

"Establishing responsible car recycling networks across the globe, after meeting the UK and EU's tough environmental standards and 95% recycling rates, has revealed the pressing need for this campaign. While many countries love their cars, and are increasingly environmentally aware, at the end of a vehicle’s life the right choices are not always clear or indeed available.

To avoid environmental harm and to ensure the protection of sustainable car production into the future, it’s essential that car recycling regulations are improved internationally. The public can help to drive that progress by demanding an environmentally responsible route for the disposal of their old car.

We're looking forward to raising awareness through Global Car Recycling Day and working with organisations and individuals worldwide to maximise its effect."

To maintain the world's most popular form of travel, while protecting our environment and supporting sustainable car production, it is now crucial to raise awareness of the importance of responsible car recycling.

Use #GlobalCarRecyclingDay on June 20th to share the campaign, show your support and start the conversation.

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] welcomed the President of the ARA [Automotive Recyclers Association - America], Shan Lathem, and Second Vice President, Eric Wilbert, to its Authorised Treatment Facility in Shedfield, Hampshire at the end of May.  The visit had been recommended by the ARA Past President, Marty Hollingshead, as an opportunity to see best practice in auto recycling in the UK, and the UK Director of the ARA, Darren Combellack accompanied the ARA representatives.


The site visit included a tour of Silverlake’s offices and operational facilities.  The ARA guests were able to meet and speak with all department heads and their teams; gaining insights on systems and processes used by the business to gain maximum efficiencies and deliver outstanding customer service.  The pride taken by staff in the services offered demonstrated the customer centric business culture that Silverlake is known for, which has been integral to its success and growth in market share in the UK.


The ARA representatives were impressed by the volume of vehicles handled at Silverlake’s 10-acre site and took away a number of ideas to include tyre processing, the imaging of reclaimed parts for online sales and ways to better leverage the Pinnacle system. 


Shan Lathem, President, ARA commented: “Silverlake’s site, its people and the way they manage their systems and processes to achieve maximum performance seriously took my breath away.  The visit was extremely valuable and we have some great insights to take back to our members. We received such a warm welcome and we were grateful for the opportunity to see what best practice looks like in the UK.”


Allen Prebble, managing director at Silverlake said: “It was our pleasure to show Shan and Eric around our facility and share how we do things in the business.  I was incredibly proud of the staff who really enjoyed demonstrating the part they play in Silverlake’s success.  I felt humbled by visit from the ARA, which for me signposted recognition of many years of hard work by all the team at Silverlake.” 


The e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management Network is made up of a diverse range of independent, innovative vehicle recycling and salvage firms, operating collaboratively and united behind market leading service standards against which they are audited.  11 collecting members represent nationwide coverage with a further 14 non-collecting members competing to become active in the event additional capacity is required.  The ‘Meet the e2e Network Members’ blog has been developed to shine a light on the infrastructure, operational capabilities, knowledge and expertise embedded in the network and demonstrate the progressive culture inherent in its members. 

Autospares & Salvage Ltd [Autospares] has been established for 48 years and is managed by Julie Mitchell and Robert Austin.  The company operates out of a four-acre site at the heart of the UK in Northants and with a fleet of four multi-vehicle transporters recovers salvage vehicles across the region; from Leicester down to St Albans and from Peterborough to Milton Keynes. Its diverse customer base includes insurers, public sector organisations, fleet management companies, bodyshops and garages across the region and the general public.

The business offers three key services to customers; the re-marketing of repairable vehicle salvage via the e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management auction site – SalvageMarket; the provision of quality graded, warranty assured, provenance recorded, OEM reclaimed parts, offering discounts on retail prices of 70%, to the general public, bodyshops and garages; and end-of-life vehicle disposal and recycling.  The Autospares site is an Authorised Treatment Facility monitored by the Environment Agency and the business recycles over 95% of end-of-life vehicles.     

Adaptability and embracing change in the auto recycling operating environment sits at the heart of AutoSpares’ success with a strategy that includes harnessing technology and equipping staff with the latest skills via regular training. The latest in salvage management technology systems are used to ensure efficient business processes and impressive customer service; as demonstrated by the positive online customer reviews regularly received.  The company was one of the first in the UK to achieve certification to the VRA UK Standard for Reclaimed Parts which it recognised as crucial to providing customers with confidence in the reclaimed part product and its quality consistency.  It has since renewed its VRA certification for the third year in a row. 

Anticipating and responding to increasing demand for reclaimed parts saw the business invest in building a new 10,000 sq ft warehouse, completed in 2023.  New office space has been developed to accommodate the team and phase two of planning involves the creation of additional workshops to further increase vehicle dismantling capabilities.

A family-owned business, now with second generation managers, Autospares is committed to supporting the regional community within which it has been based for nearly 50 years.  The company supplies vehicles and engines to its local motor engineering college in Northampton, assisting in the training of the next generation of motor mechanics.  Support is also ongoing for a local day centre for children and young adults with special education needs and learning disabilities.  A longstanding sponsor of Rushden and Higham Rugby Club, for the first time this year Autospares also sponsored the Rushden and Higham Community Boxing Show, supporting the club which gives young children a haven where they can be safe and learn the discipline of boxing. 

Autospares sees membership of the e2e network as a valuable way to help members navigate the continuing changing landscape in auto-recycling, learning from each other’s experiences and providing a collective insight into market and operating dynamics.  This combined expertise and understanding helps to boost performance at a network and individual member business level.  

Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] has become a Membership Partner of the British Racing and Sports Car Club [BRSCC] and will be offering BRSCC members an exclusive 10% discount on reclaimed parts.

Silverlake is one of the UK's leading vehicle recycling facilities, currently stocking over 50,000 reclaimed car parts across all make/model ranges.  The company auctions over 250 salvage vehicles weekly and has over 1500 cars available for breaking; further increasing the opportunity to source parts. 

Cars and reclaimed parts available from Silverlake include Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda, Citroen, Peugeot, Toyota and other manufacturers all currently being raced in BRSCC formulae.  Silverlake deliver parts nationwide.  Collection is also available from the main Southampton site and there is the possibility for Silverlake to bring parts to BRSCC race meetings, when they are attending.

Allen Prebble, managing director at Silverlake Automotive Recycling said: “The case for motorsports teams to use reclaimed parts to cut their repair and maintenance costs and reduce their carbon footprint is compelling. The nature of the sport means parts wear and get damaged and must be replaced frequently. This is costly both for motorsport team bank balances and the environment. Increasing upkeep costs and delays in being able to source parts present race teams with challenges, especially with a short-lived racing series and season. Silverlake’s OEM reclaimed parts are quality graded to the VRA UK standard, come with full provenance details, are available now and race teams can save up to 70% of RRP on new parts. We already supply reclaimed parts to a range of race teams, including those in the C1 Series which we sponsor, and the feedback on quality, price and reliability has been really positive. We are delighted to partner with the BRSCC to raise awareness of the opportunity presented by reclaimed parts and to offer motorsport race teams a 10% discount on our parts.”

To access the exclusive discount, BRSCC members can contact 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..