Turning cars into CSR

The takeover of a car salvage firm is turning ‘four wheels’ into ‘four meals’:

A leading car salvage firm has been bought out by a unique social business to create an unrivalled offer in the car scrappage industry.

RAW2K joined the Recycling Lives group by acquisition this summer, further extending its customer offer after 17 years of steady growth.

RAW2K manages a number of contracts for insurance companies and police forces across the UK, as well as managing scrappage or auction of cars and end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) for the public via its online platforms.

It was bought out by Recycling Lives in July as part of the recycling and waste management business’ rapid national growth, which has also included opening four new sites nationally to process scrap metal and ELVs.

Recycling Lives has a unique business model, using its commercial services to directly support and sustain a number of charitable programmes, including food redistribution, offender rehabilitation and a residential charity tackling homelessness.

Now RAW2K’s clients gain unrivalled CSR from their contracts; For each car processed by Recycling Lives, its food charity programme delivers 4.3 meals to communities (based on Recycling Lives’ 2015/16 social value calculations for cars depolluted and meals delivered).  it creates dozens of jobs to manage the collection, depollution, processing and recycling of ELVs.

Jason Stinson, managing director of RAW2K, said: “We’re excited to be part of the Recycling Lives group and the opportunities this offers our clients. We now guarantee our clients additional value from their ELVs, not only guaranteeing best price at auction and maximum recycle rates but through Recycling Lives social value programmes.”

This charitable impact is on top of ongoing job creation from Recycling Lives’ national expansion - around half of its 245-strong team have come through its social programmes to support the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and those who have been homeless.

Recycling Lives calculates its social impact annually, based on reducing reoffending and supporting charities through food redistribution. In 2015/16 alone it created £4.1m social value and delivered more than half a million meals.

Multi award-winning for its approach, it this year added a National Recycling Award to its trophy cabinet. It is also a double Queen’s Award winner, recognised for its commitment to sustainable enterprise.


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About Recycling Lives:

Recycling Lives is a multi-award-winning social business that combines commercial and charitable operations.  Its highly successful commercial activities, undertaking recycling and waste management with a commitment to 100% diversion from landfill, directly support and sustain a number of charitable ventures and social enterprises, including offender rehabilitation, food redistribution and a residential charity.

The company has operated in the recycling sector for 40 years.  With eight sites nationwide, including in Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cumbria and the Midlands, its main 15-acre Recycling Park is home to state-of-the-art machinery, including Europe’s only fully-digitised fragmentiser.

Its charity works to create social impact through social and environmental initiatives.  In 2015/16 it created £4.1m social value through its activities.

Its HMP Academies programme is operational in nine prisons nationwide.  These academies allow offenders to undertake meaningful work, in recycling and fabrication processes, while improving skills and earning qualifications, in order to reduce their risk of reoffending.

Its Release Potential programme supports ex-offenders to find employment and accommodation, and works with a number of leading UK businesses.  Its residential charity offers structured support, accommodation and training opportunities to homeless adults.  

Its Food Redistribution Centre is tackling food poverty and reducing food waste.  It takes surplus goods from food manufacturers, suppliers and supermarkets – which would have been destined for landfill – and distributes it to charities and community groups working in deprived areas and with disadvantaged groups.  The Centre has redistributed close to 1,000,000 meals and diverted more than 400 tonnes of goods from landfill since launch in October 2015.

Its residential charity offers a safety net to homeless adults, and is a base from which they can develop life and work skills to regain their independence and move into meaningful work and stable accommodation.


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