BVSF Office Relocation


As of the 31st May 2019 the BVSF will be located at new premises. The details of which are on the 'Contact' pages, using the menus above. The phone number will hopefully be retained, however there may be a short transition period for the line to be moved over. Please bare this in mind and feel free to use the mobile number or email should the landline not be successful. Further updates will be published as and when necessary. 


Many thanks 



BVSF 2018 AGM Report



Firstly, I would like to offer my grateful thanks to all those Members, Strategic Partners, Guests and Speakers who attended the BVSF AGM/Seminar at the Walton Hall Hotel on April 19th. A special mention should also go to Kerry Barnes of the Walton Hall for her assistance leading up to the event ensuring its smooth running and of course to Graham, my son, who assisted on the day in the absence of Heather.

It seemed to almost run like clockwork and the order for good weather had even worked. The buffet lunch and evening meal was excellent and I again offer my grateful thanks to Dave Harcourt of DH Systems for very kindly sponsoring the table wine at the evening meal.

Sadly a number of delegates were delayed by accidents on the A46 and M40 which I assume caused the very few “no shows” that we had.

The presentations were all very informative and judging from feedback from the presenters a number of members are proposing to make use of the new systems on offer relating to the fight against credit card fraud and fraudulent parts return. It was very good to hear that the presenter relating to CoTC shares the BVSF’s argument against the timescale of these examinations and confirmed his willingness to assist in future meetings in this regard. Furthermore, the DVLA confirmed that our stance against the Insurers shredding V5c’s in the case of Cat N vehicles is correct and offered to assist us in our endeavours to resolve this. The Business Doctor provided a riveting presentation and finally but by no means least we received an excellent and indeed short notice presentation from BBi Insurance Brokers on the niceties of Fire Prevention Plans. 

With 13 companies displaying all delegates were spoilt for choice both within the Hotel and outside enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore my personal thanks go to Tania Tucker of the EA for providing a Q/A table for members which proved to be very popular.

With the AGM/Seminar closing at approximately 16.30 there was ample time to enjoy the Hotel pool and spa or simply thirst quenching at the bar!

Max Butler entertained us all in the evening over dinner with an excellent display of sleight of hand illusion. (I still have a bent and twisted fork!).

The raffle proceeded with its usual amusement with some fantastic prizes supplied by both the Management Committee and some Strategic Partners and some dreadfully tacky prizes supplied by the Federation !!....interspersed with wine and chocolate.

Finally of course the presentation of the Combellack award to Scott McLaws of CCRS Brokers. A very well deserved award which left Scott almost speechless. So, all in all, probably one of the best events we have held. 

The general consensus was to utilise the Walton Hall next year and the date pencilled in is April 11th. I genuinely hope that all those attendees enjoyed the event and took back some good information to assist in the running of their businesses. 



Secretary General








BVSF obtain post dating agreement with WAMITAB on COTC examination dates


I refer to CoTC certificate expiry dates and a problem that was noted over the Christmas period. Some members who took their CoTC examinations prior to the expiration of their then current certificate were effectively "losing time" as it was impossible due to the Christmas break to complete the examination on or just before expiration of their current certificate.

BVSF raised this with WAMITAB asking for a system of "postdating" to be implemented similar to that of vehicle MOT tests.

I can now confirm that after considerable debate we have now secured this agreement. Any examination taken (and of course passed) up to 30 days prior to the expiration of the current certificate will be postdated to the date of the expiring certificate.

I am yet to ascertain whether this will be automated but I expect it will (I will of course advise if candidates need to ask).

I hope that this helps the membership particularly at times of festive breaks or holidays.

The changes will take place from June/July this year when the revised questions come out. It is worth noting that I have seen the question tables and have asked for a number of revisions prior to them being placed with the examiners.



THE BVSF is delighted to announce that D.H.Systems Consultancy Limited has achieved ISO 207001:2013 certification.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for Information Technology

This means they have been independently audited and demonstrated that they have established, implemented, are maintaining and continually improving an information security management system which also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks.

Dave Harcourt, MD of DH systems, commented “I am extremely proud of DH Systems and all my team to have received this certification. It demonstrates that we are very serious and committed to providing the best security practices and risk management and now you don’t just have to take our word for it!”


Congratulations, one and all.