A&G Metals Solutions
32 Broomhouse lane ind. est.,
DN12 1EQ
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01709 868866
Miscellaneous Information:

We have over a quarter of a century’s worth of knowledge, experience and contacts, geared towards acquiring, processing and selling scrap metal.  A & G Metals solutions provides handling and transport of nonferrous metals and can offer competitive prices. However, our specialist area is buying and selling nonferrous metals but the main product for us is wiring looms. A & G Metals solutions has worked hard to develop its reputation for providing a highly responsive and agile service. We treat all commissions with equal efficiency and fairness. That extends from single transactions with small private operators to long-term contracts with huge multinational corporations. Our insights and expertise come from having the best team for the job. The A & G Metals managers understand the scrap metal market inside and out.

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