Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] hosted a visit for nine members of the Brazilian Automotive Recycling Association [ABCAR], providing a site tour designed to showcase UK best practice whilst sharing insights and operating concepts to help vehicle recycling in Brazil.  The visit to Silverlake, which took place at the end of May, was part of a European tour being undertaken by the representatives of ABCAR to support members with achieving professional standards.   

The Silverlake tour covered all aspects of automotive recycling including processing vehicles for auction or dismantling for reclaimed parts, according to their Salvage Code category.  The range of services and operational processes designed to meet the needs of B2B and B2C customers were outlined including a visit to the site’s ‘self-service’ U-Pick-It yard.  Use of data for business decision making and adherence to environmental standards and practices were also highlighted.  The entire reclaimed parts process from depollution, dismantling, quality grading, storage, inventory, order processing and delivery was demonstrated and proved to be of great interest.   

Julio Luchesi is the owner of a Brazilian automotive recycling operation that has been in business for over 30 years and leads ABCAR.  He commented: “The visit to Silverlake has been incredibly valuable and we are grateful for the opportunity.  It has given us an understanding of how the close relationship between auction operations and the reuse of reclaimed parts facilitates vehicle recycling and reduces the costs involved in transporting the wrecked car.  When England innovates by unifying auctions and the processing of used parts from collided cars, it creates an efficient market that saves carbon by avoiding multiple movements of collided cars across the country.

"We visited Spain, France, and England to understand the markets and formulate proposals and legal improvements for the Brazilian authorities.  These visits and international studies are highly beneficial for all countries. For Brazil, learning from the advanced practices of European countries can significantly enhance our recycling processes, making them more efficient and sustainable. For the countries we visited, these exchanges foster international cooperation and open up new opportunities for collaboration and market expansion. By sharing knowledge and strategies, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future for the international automotive recycling industry.” 

Tom Harvey, Head of Organisation Development at Silverlake who hosted the visit and site tour said: “It was a pleasure to share our knowledge with the Brazilian delegation from ABCAR.  Their desire to collaborate, innovate and raise standards in Brazil is impressive and we are delighted to have been able to help.  We are avid supporters of cross industry and cross border collaboration for the benefit of the industry and market expansion.  We welcome international visits such as this and the opportunities to build connections and learn from each other.”