BVSF strategic partner, KTG Caravans and Campers (KTG), specialises in a particular niche in the vehicle salvage industry – caravans and motorhomes.

Since 2010, when KTG started with some assistance from the Prince’s Trust, it has helped insurance companies and claims handlers save time and reduce the costs of claims with its full caravan salvage service, offering recovery, storage and disposal. 

Insurance claims

KTG works with a number of insurance companies and has recovered caravans and motorhomes from across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. It wants to be a preferred salvage agent for more insurance companies in this sector.

The caravans or motorhomes KTG recovers for insurance claims have usually been damaged in an accident or other incident (e.g. fire or flooding), need recovering due to illness of the owner, or have previously been stolen.

KTG will undertake repairs for the insurance company or pay a percentage of the vehicle’s pre-accident value (depending on the category of the damage: CAT A, B, S or N) and then do any repairs itself or dismantle it for parts. 

Vehicle dismantling

KTG has its own workshop for dismantling caravans and as a professional caravan salvage agent, it is, of course, fully Insured, licensed and registered with the Environment Agency.

When a caravan is dismantled, it is completely stripped of everything – windows, upholstery, cupboards, sinks, taps, ovens, etc. – until it is just a bare shell. This is then passed on to a local scrap metal company. Any gas bottles are passed on to another local business, rather than storing them on-site. 

All parts removed from a caravan are stored and displayed in KTG’s warehouse and then sold to consumers – mainly local people, but it does also post parts all over the country. All parts are checked and sold with a three month warranty.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a mix of positive and negative affect on caravan salvage for KTG. Although it has generated a significant rise in demand for new and used caravans and motorhomes for staycations, so far, the number of caravans that have required salvaging has declined because the lockdowns have kept caravan and motorhome owners at home while campsites have had to stay closed.


To coincide with its 10th anniversary in 2020, KTG took the opportunity to acquire adjoining premises to expand its space for displaying new and used caravans and motorhomes for sale and increase its capacity for repairs, storage and dismantling. This expansion also included a warehouse to store parts for the caravan spares side of its business. 


Caravan and motorhome salvage clearly needs a professional specialist like KTG that knows how to handle them and repair, dismantle or dispose of them.

As a family business run by experienced caravanners, KTG has the experience and passion to provide the best service for insurance claims.

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