Salvage Code of Practice Soft Launch.


Well readers, the revised salvage code of practice had its "soft launch" yesterday so that industry can be "ready for it"....Ready for what I ask myself, a non legislative gentleman's agreement that is dangerous to the industry financially and just dangerous (Potentially) to the public. Written by the Insurers for the insurers totally ignoring all previous owners of the code. 

Not supported by the BVSF, MVDA, MCIA to name a few.

The BVSF has received an "offer of dialogue" with the co-writers in the last 24 hours but, to be honest if they have soft launched a document will they really want to substantially alter it in an attempt to gain some support from the industry it affects...I think probably not although I would add that we would happily meet with them if the meeting was considered worthwhile. 

In the light of this announcement the BVSF have prepared a media pack showing what the ill conceived, poorly written document really means for both industry and the public alike.and this will be issued to the media in the month leading up to the alleged launch date of 1st October. (A number of print houses have already requested the information)

Furthermore the Federation will be offering any member a Categorisation confirmation checking service, totally free of charge in the instance of a suspicion of "commercial categorisation".


Full report in the up and coming magazine