Insurance Consultation.

The BVSF have been advised of a Consultation that is running until late March this year relating to.... 
broadening the UK definition of a motor vehicle and extending the insurance requirement beyond roads and other public places. This could mean users of motor vehicles (including trailers) would be required to have third party insurance on private land.
This consultation has been brought about due to an incident elsewhere in the EU and the subsequent actions of the commission. Of course, the UK is leaving the EU but we have to abide by decisions made until we actually leave unfortunately. Had this incident occurred in the UK it would have been covered under the Public Liability section of members insurance policy so in theory at least it wouldn't have been a problem 
Currently as it stands members of the BVSF do not need to separately insure their fork lift trucks or similar machinery as they have cover for these vehicles on their private land via the public liability insurance they have in place The only time they need to insure items such as fork lift trucks or other machinery would be if they were used on roads or public places such as their car parks To separately insure every "vehicle" as is one of the options being considered on site would not be practical for our members and financially would be potentially crippling and almost impossible to police.


It is clear that a great deal of thought needs to be applied to the answer to this consultation and rest assured that this will be done. We can't sadly just say "we don't agree" and hope the problem goes away !!!



Roger West AMIMI
Secretary General
01303 814325