BVSF Rejects Latest Salvage Code of Practice Draft.

It can now be confirmed that the BVSF having read and discussed at Management Committee level, 

the latest draft of the salvage code of practice, have decided NOT to support it. 

There are various sections of the new draft that we do not agree with and it is still clear 

that the draft has been written by the insurers, for the insurers with little or no thought for others. 

However, the main reason for non support relates to the sale of provenance known airbags. 

The insurers have retained the restrictive covenent whereby members are still unable to sell these on, 

despite this bringing some form of regulation into this area. In rejecting the current draft the BVSF 

have done so on Health and Safety grounds as any other argument is clearly pointless. To prevent Bona 

Fide Salvage Buyers/Dismantlers from selling these provenance known items will simply open the 

floodgates to illegal operators and counterfeit producers on the likes of ebay etc, selling provenance 

unknown and therefore potentially lethal units which clearly is a massive danger to the public at large 

and BVSF want no party to this danger. The Salvage Code of Practice is designed to "Protect the Public".


I can confirm that the BVSF were successful in their argument against the reduction of salvage categories

from 4 to 3, however, as stated above, unless further thought and discussion is immediate in the area of

re-saleable airbags we want no connection with the document. A letter confirming this has been sent and 

indeed received by relevant parties and copies will now be send to Government Departments to confirm our