From the EA.

Further to the email we sent out last summer about RCF matting in catalytic converters. We are removing two low risk positions (LRWP 362 & 405) that allow the processing of catalytic converters. RCF is carcinogenic and has similar risks and properties to asbestos and this means it is not appropriate for catalytic converters to be processed under a low risk position.
We have written the attached letter to catalytic converter processors that were advertising on the internet and we have sent the attached briefing to our officers. I thought it would be useful for you to have copies.
I am also drafting a quick guide which I hope to be able to circulate to you for comments in the next couple of weeks.
Currently from the enquiries I have made there does not seem to be an easy way to identify which catalytic converters contain RCF and which don’t before cutting them open. That said, I would welcome any details or methodology that can be put in place to distinguish catalytic converters containing RCF from those that do not.

Two supporting documents are here and here.


FTAO all members and Strategic Partners.

Please find a copy of a quick guide that has been produced by 

the Environment Agency HERE for Environment Agency Officers in relation to the recent 

announcement regarding RCF within Catalytic Converters. Although this is EA internal 

guidance they are seeking comments from trade associations and interested parties.