We are delighted to announce that Mr Roger West has been appointed as Secretary General of the BVSF and that he had commenced working on a part time basis with effect from 2nd February 2010.

Roger now introduces himself to the organisations membership;Roger West

I would like this first post of mine to be a chance for me to introduce myself. I have lived and breathed motor cars for as long as I can remember

 Much against the wishes of my Father I managed to enter the motor trade in my late teens having completed an Engineering apprentiship after leaving school. I worked in a Main Dealership for some 15 years moving from being “on the tools” through supervisory duties at both mechanical and bodywork sites. It was from the bodywork site that I was approached in 1987 by a then family owned insurer who subsequently offered me a position of Field Motor Engineer. Within a couple of years I had managed to secure promotion to Senior Engineer and by 2001 had attained the dizzy heights of Area Field Manager. Sadly this was not to last and in 2005 after a major reshuffle I accepted early retirement/redundancy. I was approached almost immediately by a company dealing with Non OE vehicle components, yet again redundancy loomed its ugly head after less than 2 years and I found myself sitting at home twiddling my fingers…well, actually rebuilding kit cars which is my main hobby and of course spending copious amounts of money with P&O Cruise lines keeping my sun worshipping wife happy!!

On the subject of families, I have been married to Heather for almost 33 years, we have 4 children, Phillip, Graham, Shelby and Daniel, Phillip and Graham are both within the motor industry, Shelby is in 6th form and Daniel is just Daniel!!!

 Following this second bout of redundancy I was approached by another Main Dealer owned by an old friend asking if I would assist with the “front of house” running of his dealership. This I willingly did until the supporting Marque decided it no longer considered it necessary to be represented in the Orpington area and withdrew its support. The dealership closed its doors on January 29th 2010. 

By this time of course I had been offered the position of Secretary General (Designate) which I duly accepted and appeared on the doorstep of “The Bates Building” on February 2rd.
It is very obvious from my first few days that following in Alan’s footsteps is going to be no easy task. However with his support and guidance over the next 3 months I am confident that the role transfer will take place smoothly and with no ill effects in the running of the BVSF.
I have already met a few of the members in a meeting recently and look forward to meeting others as time goes by. Please feel free to call me anytime.

Thank you.

Roger West.