BVSF AGM/Seminar 2017 report.


The BVSF are pleased to advise that over 80 delegates attended the AGM and Seminar held at the Coombe Abbey Hotel near Coventry on April 6th. Our grateful thanks go to those that attended.

It would be incorrect to advise that the day went without a hitch, however the problems that arose were beyond the organisers control. Unfortunately 3 of the 6 companies employed to make a presentation at the Seminar made their excuses not to attend on both the day before and the actual day of the event. One of these, a representative from Durham police was totally acceptable, as, with any police officer, he/she could be called to a crime scene at any given moment. However, the remaining 2 companies that let the Federation down offered little if any excuse and in one instance it is suspected that the potential for awkward questions was the main reason for cancelling.

However, a company called “Business Doctors” were also present in the Hotel on the day of the BVSF AGM and willingly provided one of the best presentations the Federation has experienced at a Seminar to date. Indeed the frantic scribbling by many delegates noting various suggestions from the speaker a Mr Paul Neck on how to improve their business was something that had never been seen before during a presentation.

It can be confirmed that already, Business Doctors are arranging to speak to a number of member companies following the presentation and furthermore, Business Doctors have agreed to present at the 2018 event to supplement the information they have already imparted to the Federation.

Dave Harcourt of DH Systems and Nathan Pearson from Verdant Fuels also made brief presentations on Cyber Crime and the potential purchase of waste fuel that the audience found both captivating and very useful.

The initial 3 remaining speakers from CCRS brokers, HSE and DVLA provided excellent presentations on their chosen industry which conjured up a number of relevant questions. Our grateful thanks to those initial presenters who made the effort to attend and to the “stand ins” that did a sterling job of assisting at short notice on the day.

The main business of the AGM was despatched in its usual formal manner and it is confirmed that the Secretariat of the Federation will remain in their posts again for another year.

The evening meal and entertainment ran very smoothly and it goes without saying that generosity of DH systems for providing the table wine is second to none. Entertainment was in the form of the ultra close up sleight of hand “magic” displayed by Will Grey and this will doubtless remain in the minds of delegates for years to come. How did he change a deck of cards held tightly between the hands of the wife of the Honorary Chairman into a piece of glass about 12mm thick and where on earth did that Pool ball come from ???

The raffle ran seamlessly and everybody went home with a prize or two, even if it was just a T Shirt, calculator and mousemat. But with over 160 prizes to be won and some of the best main prizes to date supplied by the Management Committee and some Strategic Partners for which we are eternally grateful.

Finally we had the presentation of the Combellack award. The winner, Mr Hamish Irvine of SCB was suitable surprised and quite emotional, some might say, lost for words. However, a very worthy winner….who will win it next year ?

All in all, considering the issues that were placed before us it has to be said that the event itself went very well with no known complaints and lots of praise. Am I looking forward to organising next years event, yes I think so, ask me again when I have recovered from this one……in the Autumn.




Chairman's End of Year Message

We are close to the end of yet another very successful year for the BVSF despite what has again proven to be a very hard economic climate. However, membership numbers have remained static with a few losses for various reasons made up by a number of gains particularly following the very successful CARS event in July.

One of the highlights of the year in my opinion was the AGM and Seminar held at the Coombe Abbey Hotel in April. Arguably the best event held by the BVSF to date. This event not only dealt with the serious business of the day but also provided a very important social atmosphere soaked up by the large numbers of delegates who willingly gave up their time to attend. Some excellent speakers held their audience captive with their presentations and a number of delegates agreed that it was the opportunity to meet individuals from government departments that company directors from the BVSF membership should make every effort not to miss.

I would like to personally thank my colleagues on the Management Committee for giving up their time to attend meetings throughout the year to discuss and agree the many actions of the BVSF.

There have been a number of developments throughout the year and indeed are on-going and these have been reported in global mails, monthly newsletters and indeed the magazine in your hands now.

For example the on-going Salvage Code of Practice which, quite rightly, the BVSF have refused to support, due to the, now proven, danger to the public with regards to the sale of undeployed airbags from provenance UNKNOWN vehicles and indeed non viable imported products on internet auction sites.. The BVSF have campaigned tirelessly to be allowed to sell provenance known airbags to negate any risk to the public but the scribes of the new code are yet to see the error of their ways.

A dangerous product known as RCF was discovered in Catalytic Converters and this caused the EA to declare all “CATS” as extremely hazardous requiring companies who decan CATS to obtain further qualification. The BVSF sought a company for this training for the few members who have chosen to either start or continue de-canning.

The EA then decided to implement a Fire Prevention Plan guidance document that was written so poorly that it endangered the very fabric of the salvage/dismantling industry. The BVSF were quick to challenge the EA and have managed to convince the EA to change the wording considerably thus reducing the impact on our industry. I also happen to know that the BVSF are currently creating a template for BVSF members to provide the EA with a suitable FPP without the potential huge expense of involving an outside consultant.

I will close my end of year message by commending Roger for his unending hard work on behalf of the Membership, despite for him, a year of great sadness in his immediate family. It is, in my opinion a great shame that many members do not realise the amount of work that he does for the Membership. I would also like to mention Heather who deals admirably with the accounts in such hard financial times.

Finally I look forward to meeting many of you at the AGM/Seminar on April 6th next year, again at the Coombe Abbey and in the meantime wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous, Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

Percy Snow

Honorary Chairman.


The BVSF said it would happen, why don’t the powers to be now allow us to sell correctly tested, provenance known un-deployed airbags via the up and coming “new” salvage code of practice, and make eBay or similar sales by non-compliant individuals illegal and we will drive this lunacy away. The Government are all for “protecting the public”, this is a wonderful opportunity.


A man has been arrested by police as part of a major operation into the sale of fake car airbags.


City of London Police detectives believe 680 people made purchases from a UK-based eBay account found to be selling counterfeit airbags and covers.

A 34-year-old man was arrested in Blandford Forum, Dorset, and is being questioned by officers.

Police have warned the airbags could pose a danger to drivers and passengers.

'Significant risk'

City of London Police, which is co-ordinating the investigation, has also found more than 100 suspected counterfeit airbags of various makes at an address in Poole.

Bomb squad officers were called to the premises to ensure there was no risk of the airbags exploding.

The airbags have been taken to a Ministry of Defence facility for safe storage.

The inquiry, Operation Landguard, was launched in January after Honda UK conducted test purchase on airbags sold through eBay.

Two airbag units and an airbag cover for the Honda Accord and Honda CRV bearing the Honda badge were found to be fake.

Detectives discovered that fake airbags had been supplied by the eBay seller to at least 148 individuals or businesses since September 2013.

Officers are also looking into another 532 purchases to see if they concern other counterfeit manufacturer car parts.

The airbags were being sold for £170, about half the cost of genuine Honda airbags.

Police say the fake airbags are made differently from the real ones and there is a "significant risk" they will not inflate in an accident, or that the metal Honda emblem will fly off.

They have advised car owners with concerns about their airbags to contact car manufacturers.




The event in 2017 will again be held, by popular request, at the Coombe Abbey Hotel near Coventry on 6th April 2017.

Speakers confirmed so far are from HSE and DVLA, with more to follow. 

The timings of the event are still being worked on although it is expected that the formalities of the AGM will start the proceedings at 11.30 to allow plenty of time to travel up, down or across !

As usual with our event the actual AGM ( Open to members only), the buffet lunch, teas and coffees and indeed the afternoon Seminar are all free of charge to members and their guests. 

Moving to the evening, the evening dinner will be followed by our entertainment for the event (suitable for all!), the raffle which is almost an event in itself and finally the presentation of the Combellack award. The award on this occasion has already been decided after a number of suggestions from both outside and within the Federation and hopefully will be a total and well earned surprise to almost everyone attending.

The displayers will all be Strategic Partners of the Federation both long standing and new as it has been decided that as it is these companies that choose to support the members then it is these that have the benefit of displaying. 

The invitation letters and booking forms will be despatched BY EMAIL on the first working day after the Christmas festivities. Should you prefer a posted invite etc then please make contact with the office on 01303 814325 as soon as you are able.

The Hotel has on hold 50 rooms for our use and this year we managed to fill them so it is  important to book promptly to avoid disappointment and it is far more cost effective to share a room either as double or twin format although single occupancy is also catered for. If you wish to only stay for the evening meal and entertainment then this is also available.

Please remember that this is YOUR  event and probably the only opportunity to speak personally to representatives of Government Departments which is a reason to attend on its own.

We had over 80 attendees last year which I would like to try and beat this year if at all possible.


Finally I would like to thank Dave Harcourt of DH Systems for kindly sponsoring the table wine at Dinner. 


I look forward to seeing you all at the event.






BVSF AGM 2016 

Another very successful event again held in the magnificent Coombe Abbey Hotel near Coventry. A record number of delegates this year descended upon the Abbey and the feedback thus far is all confirming that it was both enjoyable, interesting and of considerable benefit to all delegates.

Over and above the actual AGM which conjured up a number of questions relating to the Salvage Code of Practice and Air Bags, we enjoyed a marvellous buffet lunch following which we had 4 speakers including the Fraud section of Lloyds Bank, a real eye opener to companies at risk from Fraud, both electronic and by telephone. The Tyre Recovery Association with whom the BVSF has now effectively joined forces in an attempt to implement a code of practice for the sale of part worn tyres. The Environment Agency relating to illegal operators, amongst a number of other subjects and our very own Jason Cross from Fab Recycling talking about how to improve your business.

The first feedback to be received after the event read as follows… 'Many thanks for your kind hospitality at the AGM Seminar on Thursday. A thoroughly enjoyable dinner and some very good speakers during the day. Congratulations for putting on another great event.'

It is these sort of comments that make the organizational hard work very worthwhile.

The themed evening meal loosely based on Downton Abbey (Aptly named Downtrodden Abbey) for the event was excellent and I am very proud to announce that Table 1 got the murderer again for the second year running (It was the cook!). Although apparently a joker in the room felt that Allen Prebble of Silverlake Garage was a close run second!!!

The evening rounded off with the presentation of the Combellack Award to John Schofield and his team at Car Transplants, a very worthy recipient and a lifetime achievement award to Bernard Simpsom of Simpson Brothers. Bernard has been retired from the industry for some years but was a member of the BVSF almost from inception and still shows huge interest in the industry, attending the AGM every year.


So on to thanks:-

I would like to thank Kevin Robinson of Lloyds Bank, Peter Taylor of The Tyre Recovery Association, Tania Tucker of the Environment Agency and Jason Cross of FAB Recycling for their excellent presentations, also I would like to thank the following special guests who gave up their time to attend the event, they are Les Elliott of Allianz insurance, Paul Hallet of BIS, Nigel Wiiliams of BEN, Ali McQueen of the CARS Team, Mark Hyde of WAMITAB and Steve Rooney of Plum Publishing. Pen ultimately I would like to thank my Daughter, Shelby who stepped in to assist on the day when my Wife Heather was unable to attend. Finally my thanks go to all the delegates who of course made the event the success that it was, see you next year.              



Secretary General