The BVSF have been campaigning tirelessly for the complete abolition of the VIC scheme for years. Not just change, which in our opinion was worthless, but total and complete abolition, no if’s but’s or maybe’s….


We congratulate the Department of Transport for their decision and wholly support their actions. The VIC scheme did not work and simply caused financial hardship to companies and consumers alike. The actual number of genuine suspect vehicles found by the scheme was so few as to be immaterial.


The BVSF will lead the way in discussing and agreeing the way forward in the group that has been formed following the VIC announcement, indeed the first meeting is in the first week of July.


The BVSF is adamant that NO Cat A or B vehicle should ever be allowed back onto the UK highways and byways and the ludicrous scenario of being able to apply to the DVLA for a Log Book for such vehicles be removed with immediate effect.


We will also be supporting and campaigning for the voluntary Salvage Code of Practice, which fundamentally is an excellent document to be modified and made statutory and that ALL damaged vehicles will effectively be liable to its contents.


The BVSF also will support action for an increase in vehicle repair quality not just in salvage repairs but all vehicle repairs.


The public need to be educated in the correct way of disposing of an end of life vehicle, currently a number of consumers are effectively duped into believing that an unlicensed illegal operator can legally dispose of an end of life vehicle and this simply is not the case.

Indeed the Environment Agency needs to be far stronger in their action against illegal operators. Only a licensed ATF can legally dispose of an end of life vehicle, use an unlicensed company at your peril !!!


All of the above will help consumers and these consumers are entitled to this help. BVSF members are of the highest quality and are backed by a government recognised federation that will do all that they can to resolve these issues.





CARS Expo 2014

What an excellent 2 days spent in sunny Doncaster. Very well organised event, my congratulations to the organising team.

Lots of interest in the BVSF stand with a number of applications for varying member types accepted.

The evening celebrations on the Thursday were well attended and I was very proud to present an industry award to Geoff Bridges, a very worthy recipient.

A good deal of money was raised in the charity raffle, a particular little girl will be very happy to hear of her surprise visit at some point in the future.

Very much looking forward to the 2016 event, assuming the 2 year break continues and very happy to assist any future organising team.

To see a video on the show from the guys over at follow this link:





CANCELLED****Free Seminar on Vehicle Salvage & Dismantling*****CANCELLED




Meeting Updates

Just a quick note to advise on the outcome of 2 meetings held this week. On Monday a meeting was held relating to ELV's and Tuesday a meeting with the DVLA Industry Liason Group (it should be noted that we, the BVSF, are the only Federation/Association relating to salvage or dismantling that are currently permitted to attend).
The info will be set out as a series of bullet points for ease and quickness to read.
1)..Long awaited outcome of the VIC scheme consultation. As you are no doubt all aware the BVSF has campaigned tirelessly for the abolishion of the VIC scheme, it would appear that the outcome of the consultation may be announced on Monday of next week, yes, I know we have heard this before but this information was direct from the government dept dealing with the scheme. More info of course will follow.
2)..Issue of V5 documents by the DVLA in the case of Cat A and B vehicles. The DVLA have announced that they are currently refusing to issue replacement V5's for Cat A and B vehicles going overseas. Currently V5's will still be issued to A and B vehicles if they complete a VIC check in the UK. It is understood that the DVLA are legally obligated in this action and as before the BVSF continue to challenge this dangerous and damaging state of affairs.
4)..The DVLA's current motto going forward is "Better, Simpler, Safer" can be seen from point 3, there is still a long way to go in the opinion of the BVSF.
5)..The DVLA on their own admission are missing many thousands of vehicles and this primarily is due them being "Transferred to trade" with no further action. TV3T, a long abandoned scheme would have resolved this but the DVLA have confirmed it will not be re started. However, a system rather amusingly nicknamed "nephew of TV3T" has been designed and is in the draft stage, this has been viewed in advance by the BVSF and is seen to be a good step forward. It will be made available to salvage dealers and initially will go live late Summer, early Autumn.
6)..BVSF has explained that Illegal Operators are also the cause of missing vehicles and the DVLA have agreed to look into the possibility of "Fines" for consumers not disposing of ELV's in the correct manner, it would normally be the job of the Environment Agency to police illegal operators but this does not appear to be high on their agenda or within their seemingly ever reducing budget at this stage.
7)..The DVLA's ultimate goal is a Motor Services Portal combining, keeper changes, cherished transfers, COD's etc etc all in one.
8)..The DVLA advised and demonstrated driving records on line, vehicle enquiry services on line amongst others, these can be seen on the DVLA website.
9)..DVA Northern Ireland offices are to close and all work etc moved to Swansea at the end of July.
10)..DVLA advised that personal plate transfers would be on line and "instant" from October 2014 and at the same time Tax discs will no longer be required to display. If a vehicle is purchased after this time with a tax disc on it it will have NO value. Upon change of keeper a refund of unused road tax will be issued to the vehicle keeper and the new keeper will need to tax the vehicle immediatly, there will be NO days of grace.
11)..Hard copy "Trade Licenses" will cease but trade plates will remain unlatered.
12)..BVSF expressed concern that the Indefinite SORN is another opportunity for vehicles to go "Missing", the DVLA are investigating this possibility.
13)..The BVSF have complained to the DVLA with regard to the cost impications for V5's in the case of Cat C vehicles. As you are all aware these are, or should be supplied free of charge by the DVLA but since the branch office closure the Post office demand payment. The DVLA advise that currently they are unable to make changes to this action but have streamlined the refund process to make it simpler and faster. (If the VIC scheme is quashed then this will be of no consequence)
I hope that this is of interest to you all and welcome questions etc.
Roger West
Secretary General.


IVA requirements for 'Special Purpose' and STGO vehicles

The BVSF have been advised that the final phase for the implementation of EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval, which applies for N2 and N3 vehicles built in a multi-stage and ‘Special Purpose’ vehicles, including STGO (special types) vehicles, comes into effect on 29 October 2014. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has launched a survey to assist in the production of the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) requirements and exemptions for Special Purpose and STGO type vehicles. DVSA is asking members who specify, build and/or use these classes to complete the survey and return it to them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘STGO Survey’ in the subject heading, by 30 May 2014. The survey relates to vehicles of the following types: abnormal indivisible load vehicles; recovery vehicles; engineering plant; crash cushions; crane ballast vehicles.

If more than five sections of the IVA Manual are of concern please complete the survey more than once. Links to the IVA manuals are provided in the attachment, different vehicle types are detailed on the various spreadsheet tabs.

Download the Excel file containing the survey.