Vehicle Stops

It is a sad fact that a number of members have suffered “vehicle stops” by both the Police and VOSA or indeed both,  in relation to Driving Licence Categories, recovery vehicle use and spec lift use recently. I have already issued guidance on the use of spec lifts and I am advised that this has fended off some action already. However, VOSA is flexing its muscles and is threatening Court action in some cases. I have therefore been in discussion with a firm of Solicitors that a member has already used successfully in fending off a court action, this was reported some time ago.
This morning, I again spoke to Gary Hodgson of “Ford and Warren”  Solicitors and he is very happy to assist the Membership if required in cases related to the issues highlighted above.
For BVSF members ONLY he is prepared to offer a free telephone consultation (Time limited) for any member who is concerned over a threat of court action relating to the above. Subsequent representation would of course be subject to usual charges.
To ensure that NON members do not benefit from this you will need to contact the BVSF office in the first instance for an introduction to be made and to confirm that information held by the BVSF is not sufficient to answer the query.


This gives you further information on Gary's firm and the services they provide:







Failure to promote DRIVER CPC leads to Manager disqualification

The BVSF have heard recently that a Transport Manager who did nothing to ensure that drivers were booking onto Driver CPC courses ahead of the September deadline has been disqualified by North East Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney.


The operator had its licence curtailed from 22 trucks to 11 for two weeks so that drivers could get trained. The Traffic Commissioner judged that the lack of driver training was linked to a number of drivers’ hours breaches at the operator.


Speaking at Tip-ex and Tank-ex 2014 Rooney reproached operators who expected drivers to attend Driver CPC courses in their own time and commented, “At a public inquiry, the transport manager had done nothing on Driver CPC, so I curtailed the licence and disqualified the transport manager indefinitely ……………..The lack of training had led to the drivers’ hours infringements.”


You have been warned !!










Percy Snow to become the BVSF's Honorary Chairman

Since the sad passing of Alan Greenouff earlier in the year the BVSF have been seeking a replacement figure head for the Federation.

Alans presence as Honorary Chairman will be a hard act to follow. However, nominations were sought and the short list was as follows and in no particular order.

Percy Snow….Snows Commercials

Bill Bridges….GW and G Bridges

Andy Latham….Salvage Wire.

Hamish Irvine…SCB Vehicle Dismantlers.

Following the Management Committee meeting of Tuesday 10th June the votes were counted and I am very pleased to announce that the new Honorary Chairman of the BVSF is Percy Snow of Snows Commercials.

Percy has worked so hard for the BVSF, until late last year running the web site in his spare time,  still attending meetings all over the country on behalf of the Federation and answering questions on all things Commercial. Percy’s knowledge of the industry is superb and I feel sure that he will make an excellent Honorary Chairman.

My thanks to Percy for accepting the role, rest assured that I will support him in his new role to the best of my ability and I look forward to our future together running the  Federation for the benefit of its members.

All contact with the BVSF should still be through the main office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01303 814325 where I will continue as usual to deal with the day to day running of the Federation.

Roger West.








The sun was shining in Doncaster, UK last week to welcome more than 1,100 visitors from 16 countries in the metal reprocessing, end-of-life vehicle (ELV) and related industries to the CARS trade show on 5-6 June.

CARS – Europe’s largest trade show for the ELV recycling industry – was this year held on the 25 acre working site of Motorhog. The event saw a warm welcome from the Deputy Mayor of Doncaster David Nevett who spoke of the need for good environmental practice and highlighted the work of Motorhog.

The BVSF was one of 70 exhibitors attending the show, showcasing the numerous benefits of membership. Roger West  Secretary General of the BVSF, said: thank you for the opportunity of attending this show, it proved very successful for the Federation and my congratulations go to the organising team for all of their hard work in making the show the success it clearly was.


Evening entertainment was compered by motivational speaker D.J Harrington, from Atlanta, USA. International guests got a taste of traditional British cuisine with a pie and mash gala dinner, and the British Vehicle Salvage Federation (BVSF) presented the Alan Greenouff Award to Geoff Bridges from GW & G Bridges; and the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association (MVDA) awarded the Bird Trophy to Duncan Wemyss, Hon. Chairman of MVDA, for their outstanding contribution to the UK vehicle dismantling and recycling industry. Plus, this year’s charity auction saw more than £5,500 raised for local charity Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support and Rett UK.



Visitors were treated to the impressive sight of a variety of machinery being showcased in the Big Machine Demo Area, as well as the JMC vehicle dismantlers’ work line showing the complete de-pollution and dismantling of ELVs and downstream processing of valuable materials.


Plus, those who attended the Duesmann and Hensel Conference Theatre heard what the future might bring for the ELV and metals recycling sector, with sessions featuring lively debate from a panel of expert speakers including Brian Such, British Standards Institution and Bernadette Prosser, BMW. Ms Prosser equated the vehicle recycling process today as “urban mining” commenting: “In the next 20 years if I was a betting person, I would see a time when we are actively mining landfills to find resources that have been lost to the manufacturing process.” Conference sessions included: Meeting 2015 ELV targets; and, Future vehicles and the impact on auto recyclers.

For those wanting to brush up on their skills there was practical training in the AutoDrain Skills Lab, with topics including: Safe deployment of airbags; Refrigerant gas recovery: stay safe and legal. Jason Bishop, Operations Director at FAB Recycling who ran the Grading spare parts: is there a standard? session, commented: “it was a great show with plenty of networking opportunities. My skills lab worked well as an introduction to an ‘industry leading standards system’, and people seemed enthusiastic about utilising the concept within their own workplace.”



The BVSF have been campaigning tirelessly for the complete abolition of the VIC scheme for years. Not just change, which in our opinion was worthless, but total and complete abolition, no if’s but’s or maybe’s….


We congratulate the Department of Transport for their decision and wholly support their actions. The VIC scheme did not work and simply caused financial hardship to companies and consumers alike. The actual number of genuine suspect vehicles found by the scheme was so few as to be immaterial.


The BVSF will lead the way in discussing and agreeing the way forward in the group that has been formed following the VIC announcement, indeed the first meeting is in the first week of July.


The BVSF is adamant that NO Cat A or B vehicle should ever be allowed back onto the UK highways and byways and the ludicrous scenario of being able to apply to the DVLA for a Log Book for such vehicles be removed with immediate effect.


We will also be supporting and campaigning for the voluntary Salvage Code of Practice, which fundamentally is an excellent document to be modified and made statutory and that ALL damaged vehicles will effectively be liable to its contents.


The BVSF also will support action for an increase in vehicle repair quality not just in salvage repairs but all vehicle repairs.


The public need to be educated in the correct way of disposing of an end of life vehicle, currently a number of consumers are effectively duped into believing that an unlicensed illegal operator can legally dispose of an end of life vehicle and this simply is not the case.

Indeed the Environment Agency needs to be far stronger in their action against illegal operators. Only a licensed ATF can legally dispose of an end of life vehicle, use an unlicensed company at your peril !!!


All of the above will help consumers and these consumers are entitled to this help. BVSF members are of the highest quality and are backed by a government recognised federation that will do all that they can to resolve these issues.