Progress on online Drivers Licence share

With the changes to the counterpart drivers licence and the effect it has when hiring a vehicle, the DVLA are working on an online solution to allow a person to fill in a form and download and print their own version which avoids the exorbitant telephone charges they are otherwise faced with to confirm the details.

This is a mock up of how the solution will potentially here to view and/or download a PDF


***** Update *****

The BVSF have received confirmation that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will not now be abolishing the Driving Licence paper counterpart on 1st January 2015 as first reported.

Instead, we are advised that the driving licence counterpart will be abolished at some point in 2015. An appropriate date is currently under consideration and will be announced in due course.

The counterpart, which has been around since 1998, is being axed as part of the Government's drive to reduce red tape and bureaucracy.

It became very clear that rushing the abolition of the paper counterpart before the DVLA was ready with a real-time driver checking service was going to cause huge disruption and may well have resulted in consumers having to pay to have their own driving licence details verified when, for example, renting a vehicle.






FTAO all members utilising the services of City-Link

I have been advised of a number of service level issues with City-Link over the past few days, one of which is still currently under investigation by City-Link at Managing Director level. On the basis of this complaint and the possibility of others that I haven't yet heard about I have insisted upon written confirmation from City-Link regarding their Service Levels up to and including the Festive Period. It is clear that once "the rush" dies down after Christmas and quantities return to a more normal level that the pressure on carriers will reduce although this reason is not accepted as an excuse for total incompetence on behalf of some City-Link staff members.

Please see below for confirmation from City-Link regarding the busy period.

Please also note that the result of the investigation of the serious service level complaint will be made available to the membership.

I have been approached by yet another company offering high levels of service at preferential rates for BVSF members and am currently awaiting costs, again this will be made available to the membership upon arrival.


On another matter, Andy Latham of Salvage Wire has been commisioned to gather information for Thatcham relating to any considered update to the Salvage Code of Practice. Rest assurred that the BVSF, as "shared owners" of the code, have already offerred their "Opinion" during an official interview and await any further meetings with interest.

Kind regards


Secretary General.


Quote from City Link.

"Further to your note regarding our service position going into Christmas, I have discussed our position and plans in place for peak with our Operations Director.

 Whilst we have seen an increase in volumes due to the Christmas period, the additional resources that we scheduled to have in place for this period are now deployed and are having the planned effect.

 In addition we now have Bristol fully operational as an additional regional hub and also have the Leicester depot reopened and fully deployed to support the Coventry operation across depot and hub.

 Whilst a number of customers generated volumes over their forecast during "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday", we held firm to planned forecast and managed the additional volumes through the network in a controlled way over the period of 8 days.

 I expect service to be in the high 90's in terms of percentage level across the network through the robust management of the peak volume.

If you have any queries, please let me know.





Jonathan Middleton

Account Development Director

City Link Ltd

Mobile: 07771 513002













Classic Mini Cooper crushed in transatlantic sting operation

Last updated: 15 December 2014, 12:41 GMT
This is the moment an illegally-imported Mini Cooper is crushed in America as part of a transatlantic partnership aimed at tackling motor fraud.

Cars which are less than 25 years old and which don't have airbags are banned from the USA.

So while a 1988 Mini Cooper is allowed to be driven on American roads, a 1990 model is not - despite the cars being identical apart from an airbag.

As a result, there is a lucrative black market for importers who ship certain British cars into the States and lie about their ages.

The Land Rover Defender and original Mini are popular choices for criminals to illegally import because the cars' designs hardly changed during their production.

US Customs publicly crushed a Land Rover Defender last year and have now released pictures and video of a Mini Cooper meeting a similar fate.

Eagle-eyed border officers in New Jersey seized the car - thought to be from 2000 - through Operation Atlantic as an "illegal and unsafe import".

A giant mechanical claw then reduced the little car to a mangled wreck and dumped its remains on top of a pile of scrap metal.

"Intercepting illegal and unsafe imports is a top priority for [US] Custom and Border Protection,” said Brenda Smith, assistant commissioner at the agency.

"Through Operation Atlantic, we are stopping illegally imported, unsafe vehicles from driving on our roadways, and at the same time, partnering with our colleagues in the UK to stop this criminal activity at its source."

DCI Gordon Roberts, from the Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, warned that illegal traders on both sides of the Atlantic would not escape prosecution.

"For nearly a year we have had an operation running with our colleagues in America, targeting organised vehicle crime where different types of vehicles have been stolen in the UK, put into containers and brought over to America,” he said.

"If you commit offences in the UK, we will catch you. If you order cars from the UK which are fraudulent, we will catch you.

"The long arm of the law in the UK does come as far as America."

Click here to see the full article and watch the video




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