Get ready for the EA Audit, End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Depollution Campaign


The Environment Agency have announced that they are to conduct a campaign and Audit.

The focus of this campaign is on the depollution process and the disposal route for the waste produced. The Audit will asses effectiveness of your depollution process and the storage and handling of the associated fluids and waste materials. The audit will also include; technical competence, record keeping, compliance with hazardous waste regs and F Gas compliance.
What can AutoDrain do to Help!
·         Carry out a full on site diagnostic check for your depollution process

·         Assessment of your storage for fluids  

·         F Gas compliance check

·         Fuel Recovery competence

·         Assessment of your depollution training needs

·         Provide a written report  for your records

As part of our drive in creating a level playing field for our industry we will provide this service free of charge. If you would like AutoDrain to assist you in maintaining your compliance with the ELV Directive please call on us 0113 2059332 to arrange a convenient date.








Salvage Code & VIC Abolition

"The BVSF have just received the following letter from the Department for Transport, all members are to be advised that the fight for "realism" continues, we, at the BVSF will not support the the "new" Salvage Code of Practice until sense is seen, clearly the existing document is written by the Insurers, for the Insurers with no thought for our industry. We need a Category A, we need to be able to sell underplayed and tested airbags and we don't need a notation on the V5 of Category N vehicles, amongst other issues. One good thing that appears to have come out of this fiasco is that the VIC scheme is no more and that V5's will no longer be available on "break only" vehicles."






End of life Vehicles

The BVSF have been passed a document relating to the Metal recycling sector, primarily to do with end of life vehicles and felt that it was prudent to place this on the website for all to see. The writer, Tania Tucker has recently spent the day with me at a members premises seeing for herself differences in Vehicle Categorisation.
I will of course advise as further news is available as the scheme progresses.

Click on this link to read the document

Should any members have any comments or questions please feel free to ask in the normal way.