BVSF obtain post dating agreement with WAMITAB on COTC examination dates


I refer to CoTC certificate expiry dates and a problem that was noted over the Christmas period. Some members who took their CoTC examinations prior to the expiration of their then current certificate were effectively "losing time" as it was impossible due to the Christmas break to complete the examination on or just before expiration of their current certificate.

BVSF raised this with WAMITAB asking for a system of "postdating" to be implemented similar to that of vehicle MOT tests.

I can now confirm that after considerable debate we have now secured this agreement. Any examination taken (and of course passed) up to 30 days prior to the expiration of the current certificate will be postdated to the date of the expiring certificate.

I am yet to ascertain whether this will be automated but I expect it will (I will of course advise if candidates need to ask).

I hope that this helps the membership particularly at times of festive breaks or holidays.

The changes will take place from June/July this year when the revised questions come out. It is worth noting that I have seen the question tables and have asked for a number of revisions prior to them being placed with the examiners.