BVSF AGM/Seminar 2017 report.


The BVSF are pleased to advise that over 80 delegates attended the AGM and Seminar held at the Coombe Abbey Hotel near Coventry on April 6th. Our grateful thanks go to those that attended.

It would be incorrect to advise that the day went without a hitch, however the problems that arose were beyond the organisers control. Unfortunately 3 of the 6 companies employed to make a presentation at the Seminar made their excuses not to attend on both the day before and the actual day of the event. One of these, a representative from Durham police was totally acceptable, as, with any police officer, he/she could be called to a crime scene at any given moment. However, the remaining 2 companies that let the Federation down offered little if any excuse and in one instance it is suspected that the potential for awkward questions was the main reason for cancelling.

However, a company called “Business Doctors” were also present in the Hotel on the day of the BVSF AGM and willingly provided one of the best presentations the Federation has experienced at a Seminar to date. Indeed the frantic scribbling by many delegates noting various suggestions from the speaker a Mr Paul Neck on how to improve their business was something that had never been seen before during a presentation.

It can be confirmed that already, Business Doctors are arranging to speak to a number of member companies following the presentation and furthermore, Business Doctors have agreed to present at the 2018 event to supplement the information they have already imparted to the Federation.

Dave Harcourt of DH Systems and Nathan Pearson from Verdant Fuels also made brief presentations on Cyber Crime and the potential purchase of waste fuel that the audience found both captivating and very useful.

The initial 3 remaining speakers from CCRS brokers, HSE and DVLA provided excellent presentations on their chosen industry which conjured up a number of relevant questions. Our grateful thanks to those initial presenters who made the effort to attend and to the “stand ins” that did a sterling job of assisting at short notice on the day.

The main business of the AGM was despatched in its usual formal manner and it is confirmed that the Secretariat of the Federation will remain in their posts again for another year.

The evening meal and entertainment ran very smoothly and it goes without saying that generosity of DH systems for providing the table wine is second to none. Entertainment was in the form of the ultra close up sleight of hand “magic” displayed by Will Grey and this will doubtless remain in the minds of delegates for years to come. How did he change a deck of cards held tightly between the hands of the wife of the Honorary Chairman into a piece of glass about 12mm thick and where on earth did that Pool ball come from ???

The raffle ran seamlessly and everybody went home with a prize or two, even if it was just a T Shirt, calculator and mousemat. But with over 160 prizes to be won and some of the best main prizes to date supplied by the Management Committee and some Strategic Partners for which we are eternally grateful.

Finally we had the presentation of the Combellack award. The winner, Mr Hamish Irvine of SCB was suitable surprised and quite emotional, some might say, lost for words. However, a very worthy winner….who will win it next year ?

All in all, considering the issues that were placed before us it has to be said that the event itself went very well with no known complaints and lots of praise. Am I looking forward to organising next years event, yes I think so, ask me again when I have recovered from this one……in the Autumn.