Green Car have new starters covered for F Gas.


It can be a bit of a headache ensuring that your new starters are covered under current Air conditioning (F Gas regulations), particularly if you have already invested in training for existing employees.

You want to ensure that the starter is right for your business, before further investment.

Don’t worry, Green Car Depollution have it covered.

Just let us know the name and details of your new starter and ensure he/she is working under the supervision of your existing City and Guilds trained employee. 

We will book the starter on a future date on our approved course to suit you and in the meantime your new starter has immediate cover without costing you a penny.


Green Car Depollution arrange ON SITE training.

If you are new to the F Gas regulations and training requirements, please read on. Here are a few Questions and Answers to some of the common questions we are asked.


Q. Why do we need specific training?

A. If your employees are removing and handling refrigerant gas as part of the depollution process they need to be qualified by attending and passing an approved course.


Q. What is an approved qualification? 

A. In the UK the qualification legally falls under the Mobile Air Conditioning Services of the F Gas Training regulations. The two legal UK qualifications are either.


1.1) The City and Guilds Level 3 Refrigerant Handling for mobile Air Conditioning Systems 7543-01-001 or

2.An IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Relevant Refrigerant Handling Certificate. 


Q. How do we gain the qualification?

A. The Qualification in the UK must be provided by a qualified trainer (either City and Guilds or IMI) 


Q. We have heard that it is not legal to gain the qualification on our site is that true?

A. No that is not true. The City and Guilds course has a practical element which is based around your equipment and your site. As long as you can designate a quiet and clean environment for the duration of the theory training and examination which meet our examiners approval, it is perfectly legal for it to be undertaken at your site.


Q. Will you give us our certificates straight away?

A. No, but if you have attended and been passed by the examiner, then you are compliant.

City and Guilds are global leaders in training. Your Qualified examiner comes from an approved centre has his own Quality monitor from City and Guilds who has approved the onsite training. Your Certification will come directly from City and Guilds. In that way you can rest assured that your qualification has been approved by City and Guilds themselves.


Q. How can I help my employees who are worried about being able to pass the Study and Theory side of the exam?

A. Don’t worry. You can discuss any concerns well before the trainer/examiner arrives. That way he will ensure that workers with for example English as a second language or with certain needs, are catered for. The theory training is one to one, with total support throughout. 

The City and Guilds course is built around the principles of individual needs. There are no frightening computer assessments involved. Theory is based around one to one assessment with a friendly and professional examiner.



Q. Which is best City and Guilds certification or IMI certification?


A. Both are Qualifications are compliant and legal and its entirely your choice. We chose City and Guilds because we wanted to offer on Site Training. (IMI tends to be offered only at approved centres and involves computer assessments and training on equipment that may differ from your own)

We offer Site training which avoids expensive travel arrangements and down time. Our experience is that the theoretical and practical knowledge is easier to learn and more relevant when on your own site and at a time to suit you.


Q. We have no equipment yet to remove refrigerant can we still book training?

A. Yes so long as the equipment is in place when we train. In fact, if Green Car supply your recovery equipment we will arrange for training and examination of one staff member absolutely free of charge.


Q. When will the certificate expire.

A. It doesn’t. Candidates will receive their certificate and with current legislation this will be a licence for life.


For further information, please contact:


Green Car Depollution.

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